We Help Modern Authors

Manuscripts is an award-winning publishing platform for modern authors. There are four main characteristics of a modern author: modern authors own their work, build direct relationships with their readers/audience, leverage coaching and expertise, and create positive economic outcomes from your work.

We will help you go from first draft to a book tour in under year. We have a proven community-driven process that provides you with the team and the system you need to write, publish, and launch your book. Since our founding in 2016, we have published almost 2000 authors, with 100+ authors receiving book awards, or been recognized as a finalist or on a short-list.

We will empower you at each stage of the book writing and publishing process, as both the creator and owner of your work. When you publish, you will have a book indistinguishable in quality from any traditionally published book—all while retaining 100 percent of the rights and royalties.

Manuscripts Publishing is home to several distinct imprints that serve unique missions and authors. Together, our imprints publish over 400 titles annually, in both print and digital formats as well as audiobooks. We publish genre fiction, creative nonfiction, memoirs, poetry, and nonfiction. We do not publish picture books at this time.

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