How to Write and Launch a Book in 2023 (Without Feeling Afraid)

Writing a book seems scary. And this fear triggers 4 major mistakes. How to write and launch a book in 2023 (without feeling afraid)? The 4 most common mistakes:   Writing alone Forcing a structure Unique knowledge points Focusing on the Big Numbers Let’s break them down: 1) Writing Alone The first thing I’ll tell […]

How to Get Rid of Imposter Syndrome & Validate Your Voice

Imposter syndrome means extinction for most modern authors. And it’s a shame. Steal my 3 steps to validate your voice I’ll be honest: I hate the term “imposter syndrome.” It’s almost as if you’re afflicted with a disease—shunned by society—destined to live out your days in a dark forest. It plagues so many authors. These […]

Depth Over Frequency for Growing Your Brand

If you’re interested in growing your brand or amplifying your voice, here’s what we found in the research. Aim for depth over frequency. For my latest book, I researched over 6,000 individuals named to the Forbes 30 under 30. I wanted to see what stood out about them. It wasn’t the schools they attended, the […]






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