Strategically Establishing an Author Brand Through Social Media and Other Platforms

Let’s say you have written and published a book, or are in the middle of writing a manuscript for a book, or maybe just starting to think about writing a book and one day becoming a published author, or maybe the first book is on the cusp, about to be released upon the world. What […]

It’s Okay to Say No: Balancing a Busy Schedule While Also Writing a Book

Writing a book is hard. Writing a book with a busy schedule is exceptionally hard. So, is there a way to successfully juggle both? It matters on the writer’s dedication. Dedication to the Craft Ask any published author how they managed to not only start a manuscript but eventually turn it into a book, and […]

Why Category-Defining Books Start With a Question (Hint: You Don’t Need to Be an Expert Before You Write a Book)

“Why would anyone listen to me?” “I don’t know enough about the topic.” “Do you think I need to get a Ph.D. first?” Expertise. It’s a common misconception about writing a great book. So the thinking goes, you become an expert and then just tell people how. But the reality is quite the opposite.   I […]






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