Writing Through Your Imposter Syndrome: Three Steps to Share and Publish What You Write

I hate the term Imposter Syndrome. It’s like you’re afflicted with this disease… shunned by society and destined to live out your days in the dark forest. I meet so many writers who struggle with it… stopping them from sharing or publishing what they’ve written. Here’s the truth: Every writer is an imposter (or at […]

Making the Connection Between Writer and Reader

You have ideas as a writer, but how do you connect with your readers? One of the most difficult things to do is translate those ideas from your mind to someone else’s, but it is also one of the most important when it comes to manuscripts. Without the ability to connect with others on the […]

Six Core Actions to Define Your Book Category Before You Write

To Make a Book That Changes the World (or your corner of it), You Must Reject a Current Premise. Why do certain books spread while others languish in obscurity?   It’s the question most authors wrestle with at the start of their book journey — and a question that often causes paralysis among writers. You could […]






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