We Will Take You From First Draft to

Book Tour in Seven Months


Our Publishing Process

We designed our process to support genre fiction and creative authors over a seven-month journey. Our process is broken down into six (6) main stages.

Stage 1: Manuscript Approval and Onboarding

After submitting your manuscript, our Acquisitions team will do an initial review and either recommend your manuscript for publishing or one of our writing programs. To ensure an efficient publishing and launch process, your manuscript will be reviewed by a team of publishing editors to ensure it’s of the highest quality and ready for revisions.

Typically, less than 15% of manuscripts we receive outside of our writing programs are ready for publishing. Most books need more time and editorial support before moving forward. If your book is not ready for publishing, we will tell you.

When your book is recommended for publishing, you will schedule a call with an Author Publishing Success specialists to develop your launch strategy and onboard you to our publishing community and process.

Stage 2: Presale and Audience Activation Phase

The presale and audience activation phase is approximately 30-60 days long. Most authors in the program choose to leverage the Manuscripts Book Pre-sale platform to design and launch the pre-sale of the book and tickets to your launch events. Selected authors may choose to fund book production and marketing costs directly (and not leverage a pre-sale campaign).

You will work with a Launch Specialist to coordinate, design, and facilitate your pre-sale campaign. The pre-sale campaign enables you to to (a) build early supporters and community around your book, and (b) raise funds to cover book production and preorder delivery costs for your book. This enables the author to retain 100% ownership of their book. Authors typically structure their campaign to pre-sell tickets to their launch event (in person and virtual) that include a signed copy of your book. Tickets are usually priced between $55 and $70


While the success rate of pre-sale publishing is exceptionally high (94-96%), in the unlikely event you are unable to pre-sell sufficient copies of your book, there is no obligation to fund production yourself. If you choose to pause or stop the publishing process, we will simply refund pre-orders and you may decide to run a second presale at a later point. All pre-sale proceeds above these levels go to the author less preorder printing and delivery costs. Your presale will be designed to help you fund the book production and launch of your paperback book, eBook; and you can also release your book as a hardcover edition; and audiobook.

Stage 3: Revisions and Book Production Phase

The book production phase will last approximately 20 weeks (16 of those weeks will be dedicated to revisions). During the presale phase, your Structural Editor (SE) will create a detailed review of your manuscript, including two sample revised chapters (author’s note, plus an additional chapter).

You will work with a Revisions Editor (RE) to engage in a three-step revision process including (a) initial draft revisions recommended by an editing team; (b) beta reader feedback (based on sharing your revised draft with a selected group of readers); and (c) copy editing and final proofreading.

You will work with your production team to the cover and interior layout for you book. You will work directly with our Art Director to develop and create your book cover. We will then pair you with a designer from our in-house art department on the production and design of your cover. Your Layout Editor will create the interior book layout and  typeset your book. Typesetting involves the design, margin setting, and font selection.

At the end of the production phase, you will have a book that is ready for distribution and release on Amazon and other major online retail channels.

Stage 4: Launch Phase

The launch phase will last approximately 30-60 days long. During the launch phase, we will send your book to do an initial print for the preordered copies of your book, plus 20 additional paperback edition author copies for personal use. We will coordinate the release of your book on Amazon and other retail channels based on the printing, signing, and mailing of those initial preordered copies.

You will work with your Marketing Specialist, Instructors, and Mentors and to develop a comprehensive 60-day marketing plan. We will help create the materials, branding, and assets to effectively promote your book and secure initial reviews. Our launch, marketing, and sales approach ensures you will launch a book that drives sales and creates new opportunities. We leverage this process to drive “facilitated word of mouth” marketing for books.

When your book officially releases, it will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other major online retail channels. Bookstores and libraries will also be able to stock your book in physical stores and locations.

Stage 5: Book Tour Phase

You will have the opportunity to work with your publishing team to design and facilitate a 3-4 month, multi-city book tour leveraging our book tour platform. You’ll partner with other authors to create these special ‘mini-author conference’ style events that bring your audience together with theirs to amplify your reach.

Stage 6: Audiobook Production and Launch Phase

The audiobook production and launch phase will last approximately 4 months. 1 in 3 of our authors decide to produce and release an audiobook version of their book. If you decide to release an audiobook, you will have the choice to either narrate your audiobook or select a narrator.

If you decide to narrate your own audiobook, we will send you recording equipment and give you narration-coaching so you have the confidence and practice to proficiently narrate your own audiobook. Our in-house audio-engineering team will then finalize and master your audiobook so it is distribution-ready and can be sold on Audible and other audio-retail channels.

If you decide to select a narrator, we will help organize auditions to identify, review, and vet potential narrators for your audiobook. We will provide recommendations based on your topic/genre, primary characters, and audience and you will be able to decide who you want to narrate your audiobook based on those auditions.

We will then help you develop a comprehensive 60-day marketing plan for the launch and release of your audiobook.