How Compassionate Rigor Changes Our Work Ethic

“I’m not ready yet.”

These are two words you need to be ready for anything new.

Compassionate Rigor.

Our fears lie to us:

“I don’t have the time.”
“I don’t have the right idea.”
“I don’t have the money to do that.”

You don’t need to be “ready.” You need Compassionate Rigor:

“I will set milestones, checkpoints, and reviews, not goals.”
“I will set aside money every week to invest in myself.”
“I will join others to share our journeys.”
“I will set aside make the time.”

Stop beating yourself up for what you don’t have.

Young author with compassionate rigor

Compassionate rigor is a commitment to yourself, to milestones, to objectives, to learnings, and to time…

— Rigor in your commitment, your investment, and seeking accountability.
— Compassion in your timelines, deadlines, iterations, coaching, and support.

You not going to be ready… you’ll get ready by doing things with compassionate rigor.

Demand this in yourself and with everyone you involve in your journey.

Here’s the good part: We launch authors, not books.

If being ‘not ready’ has held you back from writing your book… let’s schedule a call and talk through how to leverage the power of Compassionate Rigor this summer with our next author community.

You’ll learn:

  • How to develop the book into workshops, keynotes, coaching, and more
  • How to use category design to make your book unique and create word of mouth
  • Why we don’t write books, but build books
  • How to leverage the power of fans to market your book


Apply by July 1st.

See how the power of weekly coaching and a community of peer authors can help you develop and announce your book in the next 6 months — all through the power of Compassionate Rigor.

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