5 Tips to Find Your Writing Focus

Writing can be a painstaking process.

And after launching 2,000+ authors and books of my own…

5 tips to find your writing focus:

With steadfast focus, you’re unstoppable.

Steal my 5 tips:

1. The beautiful art of freewriting
2. Always write in small chunks
3. Find yourself a writing rival
4. Find stress-free activities
5. Discover a community

Eggcellent, let’s crack the shell.

Shall we?

1) The Beautiful Art of Freewriting.

Set a timer for 10 minutes and write whatever comes to mind.

Transfer all your:

– Musings
– Emotions
– Negativity

Onto the paper, or through the keyboard.

2) Always Write in Small Chunks.

This is a PSA for my modern authors…

You don’t have to:

– Write 10,000 words at once
– Put off your obligations
– Pull all-nighters

Try to write in smaller chunks, but do it more frequently.

3) Find Yourself a Writing Rival.

You guys have heard me say this before:

“Writing is NOT something you do alone.”

Find a fellow author, then:

– Challenge each other
– Set some nice goals
– Utilize rewards

4) Find Stress-Free Activities.

You have SO many options:

– Walk
– Do yoga
– Lift weights
– Listen to music

Find something to relax your mind.

5) Discover a Community.

With a group of like-minded individuals, you increase the likelihood of (actually) sitting down to write.

Not only that but:

– Accomplishing your goals
– Improving your craft
– Fulfilling dreams

That’s what we’re after, isn’t it?

Folks, this chapter has come to a close.

What’s your secret to find your writing focus?

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