Making Time to Write: 4 Steps For Busy Professionals to Create Books that Elevate Their Voices

“When do you find time to write?”

You don’t find time… you *make* time.

4 steps I teach busy professionals to make time to create books that elevate their voices

The people who most need and want to write a book tend to be the people who have the busiest schedules — executive coaches, business owners, consultants, and C-suite executives. They know a book will be powerful — most have tried in the past — but often it’s time that gets in the way.

  1. Trying a book in the past and it not working isn’t signal you’re not motivated. Trust me, if that were the case I’d be the poster child. It’s usually a signal that you don’t have a system.
  2. Writing a book is *not* like what you see in the movies. You don’t go off to a cabin and spend six months at a typewriter… eventually emerging as a shell of yourself but with a manuscript. You don’t write a book, you build a book. And that’s the key mindset.
  3. You don’t find time to write a book. You make it. Funny enough, we ran a test in our community about people who were going to use a “summer off” to write… that group who had more downtime were *less* likely to finish their manuscript on schedule. It’s not about having oodles of free time. It’s about having dedicated time.
  4. Making time requires two things: (a) your calendar; and (b) accountability to others. For most authors, I recommend 4-6 hours a week of calendared time… but the key is to share that calendaring with others. Could be your spouse, your business partner, your editor, or a writing friend. Has to be on your calendar and shared.

It’s simple, and that’s why it works.

“I’m proof that your 4 steps work. After 15 months, a retired “bean counter” is a proud published author of a 5-star book, called Checkmate!? – Greg Davis, Author of “CHECKMATE”


Most authors struggle not because they don’t have a great book idea or the motivation… they struggle without a process and system to make time. Do that, and I’ve seen 2,000+ people succeed in their books. It’s the only way I’ve been able to do it too…

Modern Author Accelerator Testimonial

I’m starting my next book this summer as a part of the Modern Author Accelerator powered by Manuscripts. Why now? My summers are some of my busiest times — I teach two MBA courses, I have a new cohort of authors, and I have four workshops/mini-courses — plus I’ve got three hilarious girls to run around with to camps and summer fun.

But I’m going to finish a draft manuscript and announce this new book in November.


I am making time: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8:15 to 10:00 am ET are my writing time.

Some days I miss, but most days I hold myself accountable (plus, I have shared this plan with my editor, my wife, and my fellow authors). That’s part of the #NeverWriteAlone philosophy. And that’s how I’ll write a mediocre first draft that becomes an amazing book.

If you’re looking for a little summer accountability, shoot me a note, and love to have you join our summer group — we’re all announcing our books this November and then the fun begins. Ready to make time for something important?

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